KelilinQ strives to digitalize Indonesia’s mobile street vendor ecosystem by bringing vendors
online and connecting them with their buyers on a common platform.


We are Social Impact startup as fresh and the good delivered by our awesome street vendors. We are working hard on the launch and are happy to have your support

KelilinQ for you as a Buyer

Explore your neighborhood and locate all vendors around you

Support your favourite vendors by
buying their food, goods or services

Choose to pay digitally to minimize physical contact and increase convenience

Learn about the stories and lives of your vendors

KelilinQ for you as a Vendor

The Pedagangs will always find the way to the customer

Automatically signal presence to all buyers in the neighborhood through push notifications

Use KelilinQ as your marketing platform to increase your sales

Improve your order management through digital bookkeeping

Launching soon – stay tuned.

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Social Impact

Green & Clean (Vendor Sustainability Concept

Sales Acceleration in your location

Digitalization & Cashless Payments

Financial Literacy

Social Empowerment

Our Blog

Words from the Founder

Did it ever happen to you that you were craving for Sate, but you were not sure if there would be any Pedagang Sate...


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What is KelilinQ?
  • KelilinQ is a mobile application that can be used as a marketplace between mobile traders and buyers. By leveraging digital transformation, KelilinQ aims to empower mobile traders through technology.
What are the benefits of KelilinQ for our Indonesia?
  • Stimulate / accelerate national economic recovery during the Covid-19 period – Empower Indonesian workers in the informal sector – Maintain the culture of traveling traders and preserve traditional food
What are the benefits of KelilinQ for buyers?
  • Creates visibility of all merchant choices in the environment and tracks their position – Provides cashless payments via E-Wallet – Presents merchant assessments in the areas of cleanliness, quality and (environmental) friendliness
Can KelilinQ be used on all types of cellphones?
  • Yes, all phones from Android to IOS. We also started a social program to help and sponsor traders to buy cellphones
What are the benefits of KelilinQ for traders?
  • Mark nearby merchants locations for buyers to find automatically – Provide a marketing / communication platform for sales growth – Easier digital bookkeeping for order management


If you would like to support KelilinQ as a Beta User,
partner, investor or team member, we would love to hear form you.